About Us

I can't count how many times I've been told, "I just don't see how you all do it". Pity fills people's eyes as they congratulate us on being able to just keep going. All I can say is we are just putting one foot in front of the other. We don't know what tomorrow holds; we don't know what our next step will be; we don't have a road map or a plan of attack. We're just winning the battle in front of us.

In April of 2014 I had the largest rush of emotion I've ever had as my son was born into this world. In a moment that felt so surreal I could hardly believe it was real, I became a father. For most people that feeling wears off, but not for us. Months later my son would begin struggling to thrive, struggling with muscle tone, and struggling to literally breathe. So began our war. Noah has been undiagnosed and since has had a little brother who struggles in much the same ways he does. Our daily lives revolve around taking care of our boys who require 24 hour attention. We don't have the normal life that most people do, and we definitely don't know what tomorrow holds. That's what led me to this motto. We don't need to know what's gonna happen tomorrow. We don't need to know how to win the war. We're just going to win this battle.